He Drove 6 Hours to be There

“Have you thought about being a Siloam Springs summer staffer? Are you unsure what impact you could possibly leave? Are you unsure of how big of a difference you could make?”

This was the start of an email Camp Siloam received this past weekend from a former camper, Will Jackson. Will is currently a freshman at the University of Central Arkansas.

“Listen to my story. I grew up in the typical, small, Southern Baptist Church. I had a revolving door of youth ministers throughout my time in our youth group. When my seventh grade summer came around my new youth group decided to go to Siloam Springs church camp. I was reluctant because I was the only boy going.

Because of our ever changing youth leadership, guys in the group were far and few between. This made growing in my faith as a young teenage boy next to what seemed to be impossible. I didn’t know hardly any guys around my age that were strong in their faith. I went ahead and went to camp and while I was there I met one of the summer staffers.

This summer staffer and I clicked immediately and we hung out all week. He was one of the first guys that I had met around my age who I thought I could spiritually benefit from. I got his phone number and we kept in contact all throughout my high school career and his college career.”

*Side note, this camper was here in 2011 and “the summer staffer” is none other than our former summer staffer, Mister Jesse Chambliss.

“This counselor was in the honors program at his university, involved in a fraternity, church, missions and was widely known on campus for his involvement. All the while, keeping in contact with me and helping me grow in my faith and face the every day obstacles of my high school career.

He quickly became my mentor, friend, brother and a comforter in my life.

Needless to say, he has a servant’s heart. Five years later I graduated high school in North East Arkansas where he attended my graduation.

He drove around 6 hours (one way) to be there.

Will at his high school graduation with former summer staffer, Jesse, after Jesse made the 6 hour drive to congratulate Will on his accomplishment!

Now I am a college freshman, I can clearly see how easily consumed one can be in college. This camp counselor sacrificed much of his time for me and I realize now more than ever how precious time can be (especially to a college student). 

Not every counselor and camper can have this type of friendship, but I firmly believe that Camp Siloam has fully equipped its summer staff to make a life altering occurrence with the campers through Jesus Christ.

If you’re unsure or you think you’re unprepared for the position, seek counsel, grow spiritually, and  apply for the position and serve, because you never know how God can use you in a mighty way.”

Wow, what a mighty God we serve!

Click here to APPLY now to be a Summer Staffer for summer 2017! #OutofOurMinds #CSSummerStaff2k17


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