Summer Staffers, S-Core, Screaminator, Oh, my!

“I first applied after Robert came to visit Arkansas Tech’s campus during my freshman year. I had already applied for another camp and wanted to do something for the Lord, while also being productive during my summer. I went to Camp Siloam throughout junior high and high school attending Faith Week. I remember thinking as a camper that it would be cool to work at a camp one day, but Siloam didn’t cross my mind at the time. When Robert came, I was wondering why I hadn’t thought of it before! I loved going to camp there! I interviewed with Robert, applied, and prayed about it. I was thrilled to get offered a job at camp, even if it was in the kitchen!”

Olivia Treglown and her twin sister, Kristen, both ATU students, have served at Camp Siloam since the summer of 2014. Olivia shared with us some of her favorite memories from working as a summer staffer over the last few years. 

“My first summer I worked in the kitchen. My second summer I served as a cabin counselor. My third summer, which was this year (2016) I worked again as a cabin lead, also serving as a cabin counselor and S-Core leader.”

For returning staff, the excitement is just as high as it was the first summer they served!


“It may sound cliché, but I love all of the staff! They truly do become family over a short period of time. It’s amazing how close I still am to so many of them. They were what kept me going through those long, hard days. They made work more fun. I will be forever grateful for the relationships I’ve gained through camp!”

The bonds that are built within the summer staff are truly that of a family. These friendships go beyond just the summer.


“It’s hard to pick a favorite memory from camp, there’s just too many! One of my favorites though is seeing the same campers each summer. There are those few campers who I met my first summer and then got to see again the next two summers. I loved being able to continue those relationships and watch them grow, both physically and spiritually. It also feels nice to have campers remember you. It gives your work more meaning and purpose. Also, working the screaminator is my favorite! Seeing campers and counselors enjoy the thrill is priceless! I’ve loved working the screaminator the last two summers!”

Although many campers and counselors share their appreciation for the summer staff regarding their ability to build friendships and mentor the campers, these college students LOVE when a camper or counselor remember’s them by name. It is such an encouragement to them to know that a camper remembers them.

“One more thing I love about Camp Siloam, the S-Core program! I have since my first summer! Working along side them my first summer was so fun! It was great seeing them enjoy camp and come back as campers later. I’ve loved watching some of them even join the staff, too. Getting to be apart of S-Core my third summer was special. I loved being a leader for one session, but I enjoyed interacting with the S-Core students even when I wasn’t their leader. I loved hearing from campers I got close to say that they want to serve in S-Core next summer. I pray I’m still around to see it!”


S-Core is such an empowering program. This program gives campers the opportunity to learn what it means to truly have a servant’s heart, while also growing in their personal relationship with Christ.

Want to know more about S-Core and how you can get involved, click here to find out! We would love to have you serve in the S-Core program this summer!

This program does have limited spaces, so be sure to register ASAP!
Registration opens November 1st!

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