The Power of Prayer

Have you ever wondered how powerful a simple prayer really is, even if it is for a complete stranger?

Christopher (Chris) LyBrand, a student at ASU, worked at Camp Siloam this past summer. Chris shared with us his absolute, favorite story from the summer which involved a simple prayer for a camper he knew nothing about.  

Doug Compton was the speaker for week 5  and it was Wednesday night. Doug spoke a powerful message about David and Bathsheba and how we need to truly confess our sins to God and repent.

Leaning towards the end of the service, he said that if you just need someone to come over and pray with you, raise your hand. Kenneth, a good friend of mine that also worked as a summer staffer with me, said this one kid almost immediately put his hand up.

When he went to pray for the camper, Kenneth said he could feel the brokenness inside him. At the time, I was praying for another camper at the altar. Hesitating to go to the altar, the camper stayed in his seat while Kenneth prayed over him.

Doug proceeded to say some people need to come forward and just be with God. Kenneth said as soon as Doug said that, the kid immediately got up and went to the altar, where I started to pray over him. I felt the brokenness in him, as well. After the camper was done praying, he got up, looked at me and walked off.

After the service was done, Kenneth and I started to talk about the service and our day, when the camper cut in between us and asked me directly, “Were you the one praying for me at the altar?” I replied, yes. The camper then hugged me with such force it took me back a bit. He stepped back and broke down crying. I took him to the prayer room and asked what was happening and he told me what was going on. I told him, “No matter what you have done, God will find glory in it.” The camper thanked me and walked away. I believe that he felt so relieved and knew God was really with him.



This situation showed me how truly powerful prayer is. Just by him knowing that I was praying for him, the camper was able to just know that God was able to be there for him. He left, I believe, more firm in his walk with Christ than he was before I met him. Sometimes it may not seem like prayer is working, but God truly answers every prayer even if you don’t realize it.

Chris (top right) served with the S-Core campers this past summer.

We love hearing about the incredible ways God moves in the lives of the campers, staff and counselors.

Apply to be a summer staffer for the 2017 summer now!

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