What they DON’T tell you about working at a summer camp

Four summers ago, in 2013, Hannah Poor applied to be a part of the summer staff at Camp Siloam.

Hannah is currently a senior at John Brown University. What started out as a summer job 3 years ago for one summer, so she thought, turned into something so much more.

Since 2013, Hannah has worked at Camp Siloam every summer. While working there, she has served as part of the Kitchen Staff, Rec Staff and the Drama team.

Hannah shared with us about her time at Camp Siloam, telling a little secret about what they DON’T tell you when you work at a camp.

Working at camp is the single best decision I have ever made — best decision for a job, best decision for a summer, best decision for friendship and best decision for my walk with the Lord.

When you apply to work at camp they tell you several things. They tell you that you’re going to impact the lives of campers every day. They tell you that they won’t forget what you did to make them feel special, and they tell you that you’ll make an eternal impact for Christ in their lives.”


Listen up though, because what Hannah is about to say in these next few comments are the things that camps don’t tell you.

“But what they don’t tell you in orientation or during your job interview is that more than any of that, these kids will make an impact in YOUR life that extends far beyond your summer at camp.”


“Another thing they don’t tell you is that you will walk away from Camp Siloam with a handful of friends who stick around for life. You’ll be in their weddings and you’ll be there when their kids are born and they will be there for yours too.”

Hannah (Maid of Honor) with former summer staffer, Brittany Engel, on her wedding day.

“Camp Siloam has been a vessel for the Lord to use for nearly 100 years and I have been so fortunate to be apart of the last 4. Each summer is about 3 months, so that’s nearly a year of my life spent in this place and I wouldn’t change it or give it up for anything at all.”

Hannah’s advice:

“My advice, as a college senior, for all believers who are students in college: spend at least one summer working at a summer church camp.

Even better: spend one summer working at Camp Siloam.

Let God use you to speak His truth to campers and let God use campers to speak His truth to you. God is faithful in that He promises to do both.”


Apply to be a summer staffer for the 2017 summer now!

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