Cows, Jesus and Chase

Chase Evans, a student at ASU, shared a story from camp this past summer explaining how God taught him about the impact that genuine love and caring has on people.

Here’s what Chase had to say!

“It was the fifth week of camp and it was a lower attendance week. As a cabin lead, that eliminates some of my responsibilities inside the bunkhouses, which gave me more time to really be intentional, spending more time outside with campers. I remember meeting a guy the first night of camp at the dinner table, he was a real big guy, bigger than I am (which is rare) and he was sitting by himself. So Kenneth (another staffer) and myself sat down next to him and started to engage him in small talk. It quickly became clear he was not happy to be at camp. His friends had pressured him into coming to this camp in Arkansas 8 hours away from his home in Texas and he just was really just wondering why he had come in the first place. I then noticed his cowboy boots and his shirt had the name of a cattle ranch on it. I immediately knew that I could connect with him for the rest of the week since I have a background of ranch-handing and doing similar things he loved to do.”

It’s always interesting to see how God works through people, placing specific people in specific places at specific times with others who may be similar to each other… Hm…

“From that point on in the week, every time I saw him, I would engage him and listen to things he had to say. After a day or so, I realized that this guy did not know Christ. This broke my heart and I began to almost nonstop pray for this young man. I asked all of the staff to pray for him, that God would reach in and touch his hard heart.”

The power of prayer is a beautiful thing.

“Tuesday night in service, he got up from his seat in the back row and walked outside during invitation. His leader followed, but he did not make any life changing decisions. Wednesday, I made an extra effort to love on him and his group. I spent all my free time hanging out with them and building a relationship with the camper. Wednesday night came and he didn’t make a move during service. I remember staying out an extra few minutes that night with Bob and the other male cabin leads and praying specifically for him to find Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17: “Pray continually…”

“The last night of camp came and during service I sat right beside him. I could tell something was bothering him and he was fighting it. Invitation came and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to move, but he wouldn’t. My heart sank for a moment. I went and prayed with a few other guys from his group, losing sight of where he was. After service, he was nowhere to be found, neither were his leaders, so I covered their small group time. After about 15 minutes, the camper and his leader walked up to me and the camper told me that he had given his heart to Jesus and it was time for him to ring the bell! I wrapped him up in a bear hug and told him about how I had been praying for him all week to find Jesus. I told him how happy I was that he finally did and this is what he said, ‘If it hadn’t been for you talking to me about cows and hunting and showing you cared, then I probably would’ve left here the same way I came, with a busted heart. Thank you.'”

“It just really showed me how even the little things, like talkin’ about cows, can make a difference, just loving on people and showing interest in them can change their whole world.”

Apply to be a summer staffer for the 2017 summer now!

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