Stop Talking and Just Listen

Sometimes we do things that we may not necessarily want to do. In the end, we are amazed at what the result may be.

Jessica Coleman, a junior at Mississippi University, had attended Camp Siloam before, but only as a camper. This past summer, she stepped out of her comfort zone and experienced Camp Siloam as a summer staffer.

“Working at Camp Siloam was something that I never thought I would do in a million years. I went to Camp Siloam as a camper, but I never wanted to work there because it looked like a hard and sweaty job, and that’s not something I was interested in. I met one of the staffers, Mallory, a couple of years ago at camp and we got to know each other quite a bit because we went to the same school. Long story short, Mallory talked to me one day in the hallway of our dorm about working at camp and I was pretty closed to the idea.”

But, God had a different plan in mind.

“Well, I ended up applying for some reason and within about a week I was suddenly on staff for Camp Siloam 2016. I showed up for camp to learn that I was on Rec staff. That was the absolute last thing I expected because I am not athletic at all, and I hated playing big games with lots of people. It also sounded hot and sweaty and it was not something I wanted to be a part of, at all. From the moment I showed up at camp until the very last day, I was out of my comfort zone.”

Being out of our comfort zone usually isn’t, well, comfortable. Sometimes, both physically and mentally. From long, hot, sweaty afternoons, to learning to interact with large groups of people, the entire experience was very uncomfortable at first for Jessica. 

“The first few weeks were really hard and I wanted to go home, but God soon changed my heart through a lot of prayer. I began to make relationships with other staffers, I poured out all I had and that was so rewarding.


“I actually ended up loving Rec staff, which is super crazy to think about now. By the end of the summer I learned a lot about what it meant to listen. Whether that meant listening to people’s stories, or listening to what God was telling me to do, I definitely learned how to stop talking and just listen.”


“Camp taught me so much about stepping out and doing something in faith, and literally leaning on God for strength to get through each day. This was truly one of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to be back at camp!”

Apply to be a summer staffer for the 2017 summer now!

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