I was so close to God, I felt like I could touch Him.

Dear Camp Siloam, 

The land of a million smiles, I know I did more than smile while at camp last summer! I smiled, laughed, cried, everything else. It was the most amazing experience ever, and I want to experience it again! That one week, was the best week of my life! I was the happiest I’ve ever been. The connection I had with God while at camp was indescribable. I was so close to God, I felt like I could touch Him. 

I recommitted my life to God while at camp last summer, I can’t begin to describe the feeling I had while ringing that bell. I do remember tears falling down my cheek at the name of Jesus

Camp was fun, the games, the activities, the people and much more. It was everything to capture my attention, but the one thing I loved most about camp was hearing the Word and worshiping. I also love the fact that my youth group and I grew so much closer together; we all grew closer, even with our youth pastors. I have you, Camp Siloam, to thank for that. 

There is nothing in the world that I love more than God and my church family, because they are family to me. I will be a sophomore after this next camp trip, then a junior, then a senior… Then, I’m all grown up. I want to make the most of my high school life, but I can’t do that without God in every step and move I make. I want God in all of life and I need this camp trip to reconnect with Him.

Just like any person, I’ve made mistakes… You know, if God seems far away, guess who moved? Us, we moved. 

God is always there for us, even when we feel like He shouldn’t be. I want God to be the best thing about my life, I want to be the best Christian I can be. 

While at Camp Siloam last summer, I met two camp workers, Jacob and Caroline. I noticed the one thing Jacob and Caroline have in common is, they are both Christians and they are both living their life for God. They take time out of their summer to come to Camp Siloam and teach us about God. All the workers deserve so much thanks, they all made my first time at camp the best. 

Camp was so amazing, the smell of trees and grass, the sound of laughter and prayer, it reminded me that God is the Creator of all.

He is the beginning and the end, and maybe I wasn’t with God at the beginning, but I know for a fact I want to be with Him in the end.

I want to experience Camp Siloam again and I know God will make a way. I want to do everything God has intended for me to do. Camp Siloam was the highlight of my summer, not even the beach can compare to it!

I know you have billions of people writing a letter just like me, but I hope this letter means as much to you, as it does to me. I will see you all soon, Camp Siloam, and everyone else. I can’t wait to be in the land of a million smiles again!

With all my heart, 

*Camp Siloam Camper

*For security purposes, the camper’s name will remain anonymous.

#GivetheGiftofCamp #GivingTuesday

Click here to Give the Gift of Camp to another camper by donating to the Camp Siloam Scholarship fund.


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