My Face Went as White as a Piece of Paper

The summer of 2012 was the start of a journey Kaylyn Johnson never saw coming. Having been a camper at Camp Siloam prior to that year, Kaylyn arrived to Camp Siloam during the summer of 2012 to serve on the summer staff for her first time.

“I remember pulling under the arch at Camp Siloam with all sorts of emotions – excitement, nervous, nostalgic. I was finally fulfilling my dream of working at the camp I had loved attending when I was in youth. I pulled in and remember everyone jumping on my car and yelling with excitement welcoming me to camp.  That’s when it hit me.  I did not know a single person here.  I knew faces from being in the staff group on Facebook, but I did not know any of these staff members jumping on my car well enough to strike up a conversation comfortably.

I went in and got my welcome packet, and then, was taken to the room I would be in for staff training.  I remember coming back to be with the group of staff to welcome others.  I was a super shy individual at that time.  I hung back off by myself away from the rest of the group.  The director’s wife came over and started to talk to me, but I was so shy and nervous that she seemed to have a difficult time keeping a conversation going with me just as much as I was having a hard time being an extrovert for the moment.

Later that night, I called my mom crying because I did not think I would be able to make it the whole summer as shy as I was.  After I finished my talk with her, I prayed.

I prayed that God would give me boldness to step out of my shell.  I prayed that He would send me just one person on staff to be friends with and that I could be comfortable talking to. 

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Turning Down the Cute Scarf

Each week of summer, on the Thursday or Friday of camp, we ask the campers to take a minute at either breakfast or lunch to fill out comment cards, explaining to us what they liked, what they didn’t like, if there is something we can do better, something we can change, etc.

One of our favorite parts is going back and reading these comment cards. The stories that are shared are most times heart warming. Other times, they may be heart breaking. Either way, these stories and testimonies that the campers share are so beautiful because they are simply so pure and genuine.

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