Is Summer Camp Worth It?

“I know my calling is serving God, and I’m fine with whatever He wants me to do.”

“God spoke to me in many ways here during our stay, but the best way that I saw and felt God was through my youth group. Watching them fall on their faces and pour out their hearts to God was so moving. Words just cannot describe.”

“I got saved Monday, and I know that it hasn’t been long, but [God] is already working on me! Before, I hadn’t been able to pray for anyone because I couldn’t even pray for myself, but I’ve learned how to do it and I’m so grateful!”


“God’s presence is felt here! Of all the activities offered, the praise offered to God and His Son is overwhelming! Beautiful, God-filled staff and volunteers make the experience ‘homey.’ I always hate it that we have to leave so soon.”

“It’s crazy how Camp Siloam can be so much fun for kids and yet so refreshing for the adults. I came here tired, and I’m leaving here recharged and refreshed.”

“We had 8 salvations and many re-commitments, but best of all, many students were set free of bondage!”

13416749_10154099028370781_6211388725669178470_o“God showed me that my attitude hasn’t been where it needed to be in order to fully follow Christ. I have always compared my Christian walk to others walks… I get discouraged and feel like it isn’t worth trying to win others to Christ because I’m not like them. But this week, God reminded me that He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Now, I’m even more excited to go back home and start my bible study with my Hindu friend and show her who God is!”

“While I was here at Camp Siloam, God spoke to me in many ways; He showed me the Light and how to follow Him, how to overcome the world and to not be a slave to fear, but a slave to Christ. I also feel like I’ve been called to missions. Hearing the missionary talk this week, really made me realize how great God is and why I need to share Him.”

“I was here as an adult counselor, but I tell you, God brought me and the ladies I came here with closer together. We shared our passion for these kids hearts, along with things that are burdens to us. This place is beautiful, I truly feel God’s presence is here.


“The band that played everyday helped me get into a state of worship that gave me the desire to keep praising God in everything I do.”

“I have been coming to camp for over 20 years and this was honestly one of my most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. My watershed moment for the week was in the Adult Meeting on Wednesday when Jason initiated a 28 minute prayer session. I literally watched my group of counselors and myself have a prayer awakening.

“We had a camper who was a butterfly. I am so thankful for the camp staff’s hearts and compassionate words to him. This camper has no parents and comes from a VERY broken home. He needs all the love, compassion, guidance and attention he can get.”


“I loved seeing how God works through nature! The sun rising over the beautifully colored trees, the bright stars and the rays of the light peaking through the trees! It was great!”

*For security purposes, all names and locations of campers and counselors will remain anonymous.

If you ever wonder if summer camp is truly worth the money, just be reminded of the eternal impact that not only campers, but counselors as well, experience during their week of camp.

Without the generous support of our donors, many campers wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend camp and hear God’s Word for the first time!

If you would like to make a donation to the Camp Siloam Scholarship fund, click here!

Whether it’s $1 or $100, your donation could have a life time effect on a camper!




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