Volunteer Opportunities

Is your church looking for a way to help Camp Siloam out, but aren’t able to give financially?

That’s perfectly okay! If your church or a group/team from your church, has some free time that they would like to give, we would appreciate the donation of time and hard work just as much!

We have several project opportunities here at camp that we are seeking volunteers groups for! There is a range of projects your church or team can volunteer for lasting anywhere from half a day to 5 days, involving anywhere from 2 to 14 people.

To view a complete list of each project, how many people are needed, how many days the project will take, as well as the type of skills needed for the project, please click on the link below!


Painters, masons and carpenters do not have to be professional, but do need to be people with experience and skill in those specific areas.

All of our volunteer opportunities requiring electricians, must be certified licensed electricians.

We will have all of the materials necessary to complete the project on site, however, if you or your group would like to donate materials needed for a specific project, donations are always greatly appreciated.

If your church, or a group from your church, would like to volunteer for one of our projects, please contact:

Greg Graham, Associate Director for Operations.

(Email: greg@campsiloam.com)


Simply fill out the contact form below, specifying which project you would like to volunteer for and Greg will be in contact with you.


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