Guess Who is Coming Back?

Between the yummy juleps, the crazy hype, the silly videos, the awesome worship and the amazing speakers, there’s one other thing that our campers tend to look forward to each summer here at Camp Siloam…

The summer staff!

Each summer, Camp Siloam hires on 70+ college students to help run summer camp, whether it is serving food in the kitchen, leading a cabin full of campers, or reffing the rec times, these students are a key part to Camp Siloam.

For many campers, by the end of their week long camp experience, they tend to have one or two favorite summer staffers.

“Just so you know, the staff lineup for this year is A+”

At least that’s what our 5th year summer staffer, Hannah Poor says!

Hannah first attended Camp Siloam when she was in elementary school — 3rd and 4th grade to be exact.

“I came during the famous ‘Mike Seabaugh’ week (speaker of week 8, also known as ‘The Big O’) – and it’s incredible because I remember getting to play the same games the campers get to play right now.  My favorite memory is a rec game that we played – it was played with a giant blue tarp and a lot of soap. The goal was to run from one end to the other, people were slipping and falling all over the place. I’ve tried so many times to get them to bring this game back, but something about it being ‘too dangerous’ makes them turn it down.”

Hm, it’s probably good that that game stays gone.

Hannah has served in a variety of positions during her summers here on staff.

“My first summer at camp I served in the kitchen, my second and third summers I served on rec staff (GO RED TEAM), and last summer I served on the drama team.”

Remember the character, Luna?


“This summer will be my 5th. There are SO many memories from the last 4 summers. One of my favorites, though was one particular day towards the end of the summer, it stormed and everyone had to go to their bunkhouses. Brenna (another summer staffer) and I decided to go into one of the cabins. We spent an hour during this storm with a bunch of girls in their cabins singing songs, doing a talent show and getting our faces painted. It was simple, but still one of the memories I cherish most throughout all of my summers at camp. Sometimes it’s the unplanned and simple things that happen during the storms that you remember for the rest of your life.”


This summer you can find Hannah front and center as she will be serving as Emcee and Spirit Leader for the RED TEAM.

“I am most excited to see the kids that I’ve met in previous summers. There are several campers that I met my first couple of summers and I’ve gotten to watch them grow up. It’s one of my favorite things in the world to get to see how the kids have grown up and matured and how they’re seeking to serve the Lord at home.”

Hannah is currently a senior at John Brown University, right here in Siloam Springs.

Fun Fact: She plays college soccer.


“Here’s a link to our roster if you want to know more!”

Hannah will graduate this May. Her major is Kinesiology, with emphases in both, Sports Medicine and Health and Wellness. Her eventual post-graduation plans include pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy.

“I’ve read the script for the drama and seen the stage – it’s SO good! I can’t wait to see what Brenna (the summer staff drama leader) and her team does with it. It’s no doubt going to be even better than last year’s! The theme is going to be SO awesome – come on, ya’ll — Caveman?!

Watch a whole lot of Flintstones because I expect your costumes on Wednesday nights to be on point. The staff are so hyped to get to see all of you this summer! Lastly, get ready for some rocking rec games! I hope you’re out of your minds for this summer, because I know we are! See you guys in 73 days!”

Hope you all are as pumped for camp as Hannah is!


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