The Chicken is Good, but God is Better

For those of you wondering if our former summer staffer, Drake Penzo, will be returning to Camp Siloam this summer, the answer is yes!

13717232_10154210538395781_156911277112860294_oWe got the inside scoop on how Drake’s journey at Camp Siloam started, some of his favorite memories while here and a couple of his finest tips!

“I attended camp the year after I graduated high school; that was my first time there. The next summer was my first year on staff.”

You can find Drake working in the drama department, on stage as an MC and also out and about as a Rec Leader this summer.

He will be returning for his fourth summer here as a Camp Siloam Summer Staffer. In the past he has served as Head Lifeguard and in other positions with our drama and rec teams.


Drake shared with us his favorite memory as a camper and also his favorite memory from serving on staff. When asked about his favorite memory from the camper’s perspective, he answered,

“The belly flop contest for sure!”

As for his staff memory, he had an interesting one…

“My favorite memory is from my first year on staff, when Brett Vail had a board dropped on his foot which caused his toe to swell up enormously as blood gathered under his big toenail. So naturally, we decided to take care of it ourselves. Brett, Caleb Reynolds and I take a stroll to the shop to get the smallest drill bit we can.  After firing it up, I began to slowly twist the drill bit into his toenail… needless to say, we fixed his toe with a little ingenuity.”


As for what Drake is most excited for this summer, we can promise you it’s got nothing to do with toenails and drill bits.

“I’m most excited to be able to connect with fellow staffers and campers and disciple them all as much as possible… And the chicken strips.”

How can you not love Camp Siloam’s chicken strips?

Curious about who Drake is outside of Camp Siloam? Well, here’s a little look at what he will be doing once his time at camp ends this summer.


“I’m going to Guatemala as soon as camp is over for a mission trip to El Amor de Patricia, an orphanage in San Lucas, for 10 days! While there, we will be meeting the needs of the orphanage, and serving alongside other local ministries that emphasize community development in underprivileged villages. (If you want to help me with raising money, go to my Facebook and Instagram and look for the link!)”

As for a friendly tip, Drake shared that:

“All of our buildings have AC. We aren’t in the stone ages regardless of the theme.”

Also, he would like everyone to know,

“My dog is the best dog in the world.”

So there you have it!

Drake is currently a senior at the University of Central Arkansas (Go Bears!) He will graduate in December with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Minor in Criminology. He plans to find a job after graduation and serve faithfully in the church.

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