Chalupka Comes back to Camp

If you were here two summers ago, you may recognize this summer staffer. From Arkansas State University, Caroline Chalupka, will be joining us again this summer to serve on staff!

Here’s how Caroline got her start at Camp Siloam.

“I was a camper in 4th-6th grade and have come back multiple years as a counselor with the kids from our church. My favorite memory would be getting to witness multiple kids from our church come to Christ!”


At ASU, Caroline currently serves on the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) leadership team. After college, she plans on either going straight into education or striving towards her masters in school counseling.

“I’ve served on staff one year prior to this upcoming summer. I was a cabin counselor and served on the rec team during the summer of 2015. My favorite memory from serving on staff would be meeting some life time friends and serving along side of them.”

This summer you can find Caroline busy at work up at Hilltop taking care of all the little ones who come with their parents to camp.

“I’m excited to work with the younger kids at hilltop to see a different side of camp!”

One interesting fact about Caroline is that she simply LOVES chalkboards, painting and pretty hand lettering.

Between painting and chalkboards, she’ll be a perfect fit up in Hilltop this summer!

Caroline’s love for Siloam has grown throughout her years here and the excitement and passion she has for this summer just radiates from her!

“I’m so pumped for this summer! After spending a summer off staff, I absolutely cannot wait to be back at my favorite place on earth!”

We hope you’re just as excited for camp as Caroline is!


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