Jesus, Law School and Camp Siloam

For those of you who have attended camp the last 3 years, or any of our retreats, you may have seen these two sisters around. However, this summer you will only be seeing ONE of them.

Although we will miss Kristen Treglown this summer, her twin sister, Olivia, will be returning for one more summer with us and we can’t wait!


Olivia’s journey at Camp Siloam started in 2009 when she attended what used to be known as Faith Week. She attended Faith Week from 2009-2013.

The following summer, in 2014, she started a new chapter at Camp Siloam when she took a position in the Kitchen as part of the summer staff.

Olivia and her twin sister, Kristen have served on the Camp Siloam summer staff for the last three years. This will be Olivia’s fourth summer working.

“I have so many great memories from camp. I love the feeling of joy I get when I drive around the curve and see the arch and feeling God’s presence as you drive under it.”

After her first summer, Olivia has served as a cabin counselor and an S-Core leader.

This summer you will find her in that very position, as she again serves as both, cabin counselor and S-Core leader.

When asked what her favorite memory from serving on staff was, this was what she shared:

“Gosh, there’s too many to count. I’ve loved all of the staffers I’ve come to know and love over the years. They are some of my best friends and family. I love working the screaminator and seeing campers, counselors, staff and s-core students enjoy it. Some of the best memories are seeing the same campers summer after summer and getting to reconnect with them each year. While being a cabin counselor, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to be there to pray with some of my girls and then be with them when they ring the bell.”

Olivia recently graduated from Arkansas Tech University this past December. She majored in Political Science with two minors in Pre-Law and Film Studies. This fall she will be attending law school at the University of Arkansas, William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock.

Olivia’s excitement for this summer just bubbled out of her as she told us what she was most excited for this summer.

“I can’t wait to get to meet and work with new staffers. It seems like a majority of the staff this summer are new and I’m excited to work with them. I’m excited to worship with the new band too! I also hope I get to see some of the campers and s-core students that I’ve come to know over the last few years. I am beyond grateful, blessed and excited to spend one more summer in the land of a million smiles!”



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