Would JULEP at that!

At the end of the summer last year, this staffer received the “Black Hole” award at the Summer Staff Banquet because she seemed to get injured ALL. THE. TIME.

On the very first day she arrived at Camp Siloam, she sprained her ankle. She went on to get hit in the face with countless Gaga Balls, Snookballs and unfortunately, yes, even carpet balls.

“I fall down at least once a day, and I even fell into a hole last year. So campers — please watch out for me and help keep me safe,” she said.

Also, she can say “eggs” in 22 different languages.

Jessica Coleman is returning for her second year serving on the Camp Siloam summer staff and you may not see her as much out at the rec fields, but you will recognize her up on the stage as she returns to work for our drama team!

“I am really excited to be involved in the drama. I’m also excited to be back in a place where I can sing the Camp Siloam song as much as I want and not be judged by all my friends.”

Jessica is currently a Sophomore at Mississippi College, with a major in Elementary Education.

Although their college doesn’t have a BCM, she is actively involved in Chenoa Social Tribe, which is a Christian organization for women.

When looking back at her time over the years at camp, her favorite memory of Camp Siloam was the night she was saved and became a follower of Christ!


When asked about her favorite memory from serving on staff last year, her response may be one that several of you campers were a part of and remember as well:

“My favorite memory from staffing last year was being at the rec-shack every day by the Gaga pit with Sam Bailey and walking up to campers who were drinking Juleps and saying ‘would JULEP at that’ and starting conversations with them. I also really enjoyed the day that it rained all day and we hung out in the Hub and then continued to play 9-square in the rain, that was a really fun day!”


After Jessica graduates MC, her plans right now are to get her teaching license and begin teaching while attending seminary to obtain a Master’s degree in Theology with a concentration in Cross-cultural Missions. Once that is complete, she wants to go overseas and work with Human Trafficking victims and do missions work.

To conclude, Jessica left us with her excitement for one more thing she loves at Camp Siloam:

“I’m ready to drink some of that grape juice in the dining hall!”




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